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20 Dec Citydash Cutty Sark, London
17 Jan Citydash London
24 Jan Citydash Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham
31 Jan Gift Voucher London
21 Feb Citydash Adelaide CBD
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"***** Fun fun fun!"
"***** Running around, searching, being chased"
"***** Loved it, my first game too!"
"***** Really enjoyed it, well run and good fun"
"***** Amazing game - perhaps give more time next time?"
"****½ Super cool game! Cheers!"
"***** Best moment: Freeing the guard in the jail, but all was awesome"
"***** Best moment: Stealing the alarm remote control from the guard and using it"
"***** This was great: Trying (and failing) to get past the ghoul at the phone box"
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