Meet The Team

Fh team amy

Amy Strike

Managing Director

Designer + stage manager + Literature at Sussex University


"Hats on, goggles down and let's go."

Likes: Running and pouncing. Oh, and cake.

Inspirations: Merrylin Cryptid, House of Leaves

Secretly: A Velociraptor.

As a Game Character: Nuna from Never Alone.

Fh team ziz

Elizabeth Simoens

Project Manager

Choreographer + Performance Theory at Trinity Laban

"Sure. Why not. Let's do it."

Likes: Quietly scheming.

Inspirations: Dr. Doofenshmirtz

Secretly: An evil mastermind.

As a Game Character: Zelda's Navi.

Fh team tony

Tony Porteous

Project Manager

Programmer, Engineer and Designer. Spent too long in the video games industry

"Wait. You're actually going to let me do that?"

Likes: Spreadsheets. Pirates.

Inspirations: Raph Koster, Joel Spolsky, Day9

Secretly: A mysterious giant snake.

As a Game Character: Team Fortress 2's Engineer.

Fh team michelle

Michelle Hudson


Fh team sofia

Sofia Romualdo

Junior Project Manager

Games + museums at the University of Exeter

Likes: Games and coffee.

Inspirations: Charlie Brooker, Guillermo del Toro

Secretly: Janet.

As a Game Character: Max from Life is Strange.